International Journal of Multidisciplinary: Applied Business and Education Research 2022-06-26T01:39:03+00:00 Dr. Froilan D. 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Chavez Maegan Helaena G. Co Trina Marie C. Inocando Myla M. Arcinas <p>With the surge in curiosity during adolescence, there is a greater emphasis on parents' inherent responsibility to guide their adolescents and aid in their positive development. This study sought to establish correlations of the quality of mother-daughter communication (MDC) with the mother's profile, religiosity, and attitude toward sexual and reproductive health (SRH) through the eyes of Grade 12 Senior High School female students, 18 years old and above, enrolled in a private university in Manila, Philippines. A total of 116 survey respondents were randomly selected for the study. Descriptive statistics and correlation tests were used to analyze the data. The findings indicated that the majority of the students' mothers are in their forties, earn a monthly income below the population average, and have three children. There was no statistically significant correlation between the age, income, and number of children variables with MDC quality. Respondents' mothers were highly religious and had a favorable attitude towards SRH. There was also no significant correlation between mothers' religiosity and MDC quality. Notably, a significant positive, strong correlation between MDC quality and mothers' attitudes towards SRH (r = .6589, n = 116, p = 8.94E-16) was found, implying that mothers' positive attitudes toward SRH improve the quality of MDC on SRH. The findings may guide efforts to improve mother-teen communication dynamics on SRH concerns and identify an effective strategy for enhancing quality teen SRH communication strategies; mothers' attitudes toward SRH are critical to the success of adolescent SRH programs.</p> 2022-06-11T03:42:44+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Myla M. Arcinas Effect of Covid-19 Pandemic to the Fishers in a Coastal Municipality in the Philippines 2022-06-26T01:39:01+00:00 Graham M. Naz <p>The fishing industry was not spared by threats of Covid-19 pandemic, despite being considered as part of essential industry. This study determined the effects of the pandemic to the fishing industry, particularly the fishers, in terms of their cost of operation, sales and volume of catch. It also identified their problems encountered and the strategies used to deal with the problems. The study employed descriptive quantitative research design. Respondents, who are the local fishers in a coastal municipality of Bulan, Sorsogon, Philippines, are randomly chosen through stratified random sampling. Survey questionnaire was used and data were analyzed through descriptive statistics. Results revealed that respondents had been heavily affected by the pandemic, particularly in their cost of operation among the three areas of concern. This was due to increase in prices of crude oil/gasoline, food commodities, and fishing gears and equipment. Only few respondents, however, expressed that there are effects on sales and volume of catch. Findings of the study revealed that most common problems were price increase in gasoline/crude oil and fishing gears, as well as price volatility of fish. Study found that respondents took loans (from loan sharks/brokers), repaired their fishing gears by themselves (instead of buying or paying for repair) and attend more to their alternative source of income, to overcome the challenges of pandemic to their livelihood. It recommends that local government must consider providing fishers with relief/loan assistance, particularly during state of calamities, as well as providing livelihood programs and skills training for more sustainable alternative source of income.</p> 2022-06-11T04:03:51+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Graham Naz Weather Conditions in Relation to Crimes Committed in Pagadian City 2022-06-26T01:38:57+00:00 Junry M. Mangubat Rowell B. Pallega Nancy E. Aranjuez <p>This study aimed to determine the relationship between weather conditions as to wet and dry as recorded in the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) – Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) Weather Forecast Station and the crimes committed in Pagadian City in calendar years 2014-2018. Weather conditions as to wet and dry were correlated to crimes against person and property that was committed in Pagadain City. It employed a quantitative descriptive correlational method of research using the data of crime occurrences recorded in the Philippine National Police Pagadian City Station and the rainfall data from Department of Science and Technology (DOST) – Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) Weather Forecast Station in the city statistically treated using frequency count, mean, paired sample t-test, and chi-square test. Findings of the study revealed that physical injuries were profiled the highest in crimes against persons, followed by murder, homicide, and rape. At the same time, theft cases were dominantly registered for crimes against properties, followed by robbery, carnapping, and cattle rustling. The average distribution of murder, homicide, and physical injuries during the wet season outnumbered the cases during the dry season, except for rape cases that were higher during the dry season.&nbsp; Likewise, robbery, theft, carnapping, and cattle rustling were higher during the wet season than the dry season. The average distribution differences of crimes committed between the wet and the dry seasons tested at a 0.05 level of significance were not significant. The relationship between crimes against persons and the weather conditions was not significant. The relationship between crimes against properties and the weather conditions was also not significant. Moreover, crimes against persons and properties in the city do not depend on weather conditions.&nbsp; Murder, homicide, physical injuries, rape, robbery, theft, carnapping, cattle rustling, and the like could happen in the city regardless of whether it is wet or dry weather conditions, and there is a need to implement the crime prevention programs designed by the researcher.</p> 2022-06-11T23:51:41+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Rowell Pallega Unveiling the Facets of Virtual Research Culture 2022-06-26T01:38:53+00:00 Catherine G. Danganan <p>With the ongoing trends due to the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, the researcher aims to unfold the perspectives and experiences of teachers, students and administrators in the prevailing research culture of higher educational institutions in an online learning setting during the pandemic. Higher educational institutions aim to strengthen the culture of sharing knowledge, resources, and best practices especially in the area of research. A narrative inquiry was conducted among twelve (12) key informants. Thematic analysis and data triangulation was used in analyzing the data. The findings were three overarching themes which are features of virtual research culture, depiction of virtual research experiences and manifestations in sustaining research culture during the pandemic. The findings further recommended to have a strong and intact leadership which is clearly focused on sustaining the research goals and targets of an institution. This also ensures that the members of an institution embrace a rich and formidable research culture. Likewise having a compelling and research-oriented leaders may encourage the whole university to engage on research activities. There might be virtual limitations encountered but a positive and goal-oriented institution will survive even in the midst of the pandemic.</p> 2022-06-12T00:06:23+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Catherine Danganan Determinants of English Language Proficiency of Freshmen Education Students 2022-06-26T01:38:50+00:00 Daianne S. Daianne <p>This research aimed to identify the different student-related and teacher-related factors that influence the English language proficiency of freshmen students enrolled in the College of Education of a university in the Province of Bulacan for School Year 2018 – 2019. It looked into their level of proficiency as to gender, tracks and strands, type of school, honors received and language exposure. It also identified four (4) teacher-related factors like gender, educational attainment, teaching experiences and teaching styles. The descriptive correlational research method was employed. There were three (3) standardized instruments used in gathering the necessary data. Mean, Pearson r, and Multiple Regression Analysis were used to generate the findings of the study. The findings revealed that the freshmen education students’ English language proficiency level is at Intermediate level. It also revealed that gender, track and strand, type of school, and honors received do not significantly influence the students’ proficiency level. However, some language exposure indicators revealed an influence in varying extent. The study also revealed two (2) teacher-related factors are influential and these are teaching experience and teaching styles. Gender and educational attainment of the teachers were found correlated but not to a significant extent.</p> 2022-06-12T00:17:14+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Daianne S. Daianne S. Reform of Indirect Taxes in India through the Plexus of Goods and Services Tax (GST); A post-COVID 19 Fiscal Stimulus 2022-06-26T01:38:46+00:00 Ruby Khan Shabnam Khan <p>GST is a major tax reform in India that has been in the works for a long time due to political concerns and competing stakeholders' interests. It was first launched in April 2010, but the goods and services tax (GST) went into effect on July 1, 2017. The primary goal of GST is to consolidate all indirect taxes in India, including the central excise tax (CET), the value-added tax (VAT), and the service tax, into a single taxation structure. It improves the country's taxation system by increasing transparency and reducing tax evasion and corruption. The GST concept, its features, GST advantages, and their influence on the Indian economy are all discussed in this article.</p> 2022-06-12T01:17:39+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Ruby Khan Filipino Teachers' Mental Health Amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic 2022-06-26T01:38:42+00:00 Monette G. Pekas Ferdinand S. Santos Reynald Alfred A. Recede Marivic Agbuya Dela Rosa <p>The study investigated the problems that adversely affect the mental health of Filipino teachers during the time of Covid-19 pandemic.&nbsp; The results of the study revealed various ways teachers cope with their problems on mental health. Family and other forms of social support, recreational, and spiritual activities have always been beneficial in these challenging times and a lot of studies has proved its effectiveness on dealing with mental health.&nbsp; However, aside from these coping strategies, teachers have proven themselves to be flexible enough to find ways for them to feel much better. The study also proves that teachers are resilient in dealing with their problems. They acknowledged their difficulties, yet they also manage and divert their focus into something more positive and productive.&nbsp; It is also noteworthy that teachers are less likely to experience pandemic fatigue since they always try to be obedient with the safety precautions mandated by the government considering that it is for their own sake.&nbsp; It is recommended that teachers who are about to return to face-to-face classes or onsite reporting be subjected to counseling before they go back to pre-pandemic work set-up so that the delivery of quality education will be ensured as we gradually accept the new normal in the field of education.&nbsp;</p> 2022-06-12T12:55:55+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Reynald Alfred A. Recede, Monette G. Pekas, Ferdinand S. Santos, Marivic Agbuya Dela Rosa Restorative Juvenile Justice: Level of Implementation and Level of Awareness among Residents in Tangub City 2022-06-26T01:38:39+00:00 Joel L. Anas Rowell B. Pallega Elaine Y. Bandigan <p>This study aimed to determine the level of implementation and awareness of the juvenile restorative justice program in Tangub City during calendar year 2018-2019. This study made use of non-experimental quantitative research design utilizing descriptive, frequency count, percentage and mean. On the level of implementation of the program, the community respondents exhibited low level of response while the Philippine National Police and the CSWD exhibited a high level of responses. On the level of awareness, the respondents also exhibited a high level of response. It is recommended that the implementers may include or emphasize the community's active participation in juvenile restorative programs. This will encourage them to get involved and recognize the importance of their engagement, maybe resulting in fewer minor-related offenses. The implementers may look into the process on the way the programs are implemented. This will encourage them to examine probable flaws in the execution of the juvenile restorative justice program in order to make adjustments to the overall process of implementation, which could lead to the program's overall success. The implementers may consider looking into the victim's need for reformation and rehabilitation, as well as their family's general engagement. This is critical to ensure that the victims and their families believe the government is on their side, because if the implementers neglect this, retaliation may ensue. Further studies are warranted.</p> 2022-06-12T14:23:08+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Rowell Pallega Is Organizational Ambidexterity a Good Booster to Supply Chain Flexibility in the Textile and Apparel Industry? 2022-06-26T01:38:36+00:00 A. T. M. Seimon D. M. Endagamage <p>The manner by which a firm’s supply chain adapts to environment dynamics demands greater attention because the frequency and speed of change vary from industry-to-industry, business-to-business. Building on the relationship between manufacturing strategy and the environment, the purpose of this paper is to analyze the direct impact of environmental dynamism on supply chain flexibility, and the indirect impact of achieving supply chain flexibility the environment requires through organizational ambidexterity in the Sri Lankan textile and apparel industry, an industry under increased pressure to be more flexible and the highest export revenue contributor to the economy.</p> <p>A positivism paradigm provided the foundation for this explanatory research.&nbsp; A cross-sectional survey method was used to collect data from operations or supply chain managers across firms in the Sri Lankan textile and apparel industry. Eighty-seven responses were received and analyzed using the SmartPLS software. As a preliminary result, this study finds that there is a significant positive impact of environmental dynamism on supply chain flexibility and this relationship is partially mediated by organizational ambidexterity. Moreover, the results reveal a significant positive impact among the variables; environmental dynamism, organizational ambidexterity, and supply chain flexibility.</p> <p>In the practical context, managers need to be aware of environmental changes to identify areas that require investment in flexibility as it incurs both costs and risks for a firm. Practicing organizational ambidexterity helps managers to refine existing processes to maintain competitive advantage, and achieve the optimal degree of flexibility required by the firm and its environment.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> 2022-06-12T15:53:32+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Thilinie Seimon, D. M. Endagamage Factors Influencing the Doctor of Medicine Career Choice Intention Among STEM Senior High School Students from a Private Educational Institution in Manila, Philippines 2022-06-26T01:38:33+00:00 Alexa Louise S. Amparo Audrey Carmela C. Angeles Angela Nicole M. Cabotaje Marianne Rose T. Seno Myla M. Arcinas <p>The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between career intention to pursue a Doctor of Medicine (MD) and attitudes, social influence (SI), and career self-efficacy (CSE) in STEM SHS students from a private educational institution in Manila, Philippines. The online survey drew a total of 103 purposively selected SHS&nbsp; students. The findings indicate that respondents have a strong intention to pursue a career in medicine, a favorable attitude toward MD careers, a moderate to a high SI, and a high CSE. The Spearman Rho Correlation revealed that their attitude, career self-efficacy, and social influence were all statistically significant factors of their intention to pursue a career in medicine. A positive attitude, combined with a high level of career self-efficacy and supportive family, teachers, and peers, all contribute to a student's decision to pursue a career in medicine.</p> 2022-06-12T16:03:19+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Alexa Louise S. Amparo, Audrey Carmela C. Angeles, Angela Nicole M. Cabotaje, Marianne Rose T. Seno, Myla M. Arcinas The Benefits of Planting Edible Plants Amidst The Pandemic 2022-06-26T01:38:29+00:00 Froilan D. Mobo Ana Liza Garcia <p>Incarcerated at home or what we call in layman’s term as “house arrest” is what happened to all of us during the pandemic as it hits from 15<sup>th</sup> of March in the year 2020. People are forced to stay in their own dwellings to keep everybody safe and be away from any contact to anyone that might be carrying the silent presence of the virus covid-19. Since then, people was able to utilize and exert all efforts to do the things that they are not doing or was not even their choice of doing prior to covid-19 when all is carefree living their own lives. One of which is gardening that spreads throughout the world as contagious as anyone’s sweet smile. People began to consider its importance and benefits of planting your own crops in your own backyard using whatever you got around your perimeter. Aside from the obvious reason that people are obliged to stay at home until the Alert Level was down to the safest status of the virus. We are one of those who did indulged ourselves in planting our own vegetables and I would say that it was so fulfilling and the feeling of being like a co-creator of the Almighty for recreation of these beneficial living things.</p> 2022-06-12T16:37:20+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Froilan Mobo Challenges and Coping Strategies of School Administrators and Elementary Teachers During Pandemic 2022-06-26T01:38:24+00:00 Janet D. Barrera Ricky T. Ursabia <p>This quantitative correlational study determined the challenges and the coping strategies during the pandemic of the 12 school administrators and 94 elementary teachers in Sindangan South I and II Districts, School Year 2020-2021.&nbsp; Specifically, it discussed the trainings and webinars attended; seriousness of the technological, financial and pedagogical challenges encountered; and acceptability of the coping strategies.&nbsp; A questionnaire-checklist was used and analyzed using five-point Likert scale.&nbsp; Reliability test using Cronbach alpha was determined using SPSS. The Mann-Whitney U and Spearman rho tests were used in statistical inference.&nbsp; The study disclosed that the school heads have set their highest priorities in preparing their constituents in times of eventualities, and security and health of the school’s stakeholders.&nbsp; Both groups of participants noted the serious challenges they encountered during the pandemic in terms of technology, financial and pedagogies.&nbsp; They had very acceptable coping strategies in terms of technological, financial and pedagogical challenges. The two groups of participants agreed on the challenges they encountered. They have conflicting views and perceptions on coping financial challenges.&nbsp; The trainings and webinars attended were not vital and contributory to their views on challenges.&nbsp; The acceptability of coping strategies was not associated with their attendance to trainings and webinars. The study recommends for the provision of trainings and webinars on ICT skills and utilization; better equip their schools with educational technology; strengthen collaboration with stakeholders; and future researches to venture on psychological factors contributing to teachers’ willingness to use technologies.&nbsp;</p> 2022-06-13T12:00:46+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Janet Barrera, Ricky Ursabia Authoritarian Mothering Experiences of Top-Performing Senior High School Students in the Philippines: Impact on Psychological, Emotional, and Social Health 2022-06-26T01:38:26+00:00 Samantha Ashley C. Arenas Meya Pauline A. Carlos Ryanne Pauline S. Chua Danela Kayla T. Maceda Myla M. Arcinas <p>Parental influence is critical in shaping a child's growth and development. This phenomenological study examines the authoritarian mothering experiences of 15 top-performing Senior High School students in the Philippines and their psychosocial and emotional well-being. The data were analyzed thematically following the in-depth interviews. The findings indicate that the majority of informants were dissatisfied with the effectiveness of authoritarian parenting. This is because authoritarian mothering is detrimental to their health. The informants were experiencing psycho-emotional distress due to their exhaustion from their authoritarian mothers' constant pressure and rigid attitude. When it came to social relationships, authoritarian mothers lacked involvement in their children's psycho-emotional lives. The findings of this study could be used to develop effective mothering practices that balance academic success and the health of top-performing students.</p> 2022-06-13T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Myla M. Arcinas Mothering Practices of Filipino Generation Z: Correlations with Personal Characteristics and State of Well-being 2022-06-26T01:38:21+00:00 Marian Lucille N. Bermal Paolo Miguel S. Gaerlan Jesley Eryne E. Suarez Raziel Alodia L. Alberto Myla M. Arcinas <p>This study aimed to describe authoritative Filipino Generation Z mothers' mothering practices, including their concept of authority, parent-child communication, and reward-punishment practices. Eighty (80) Gen Z mothers, ages 18 to 24, with at least one child, completed a self-administered questionnaire using purposive and snowball sampling. The findings indicated that mothers have highly authoritative parenting styles and have very healthy overall well-being. The mother's completed education level showed weak inverse correlations with parent-child communication (r = -0.432, p = 0.000) and concept of authority (r = -0.283, p = 0.011). The mother's monthly income had a weak inverse relationship with her concept of authority (r = -0.269, p = 0.016). Furthermore, the number of household members had weak inverse correlation with parent-child communication (r = -0.227, p = 0.042) and positive correlations with reward and punishment practices (r = 0.437, p = 0.000). Results imply that mothers with a lower level of education value more authority and communication with their children. The findings show weak negative correlations between the mother's concept of authority and social well-being (r = -0.289, p = 0.009), implying that less concern for authority meant better social health. Furthermore, open lines of communication between mother and child have positive effects on their psychological health (r = 0.380, p = 0.001). Rewarding has shown to improve their psychological health (r = 0.257, p = 0.021) and overall well-being (r = 0.232, p = 0.038). The results could promote strategies that make Gen Z mothers use effective mothering practices in child-rearing.</p> 2022-06-13T12:33:26+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Myla M. Arcinas Level of Implementation of Safekeeping Practices in the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology 2022-06-26T01:38:18+00:00 Elrhine D. Nicholas Rowell B. Pallega Meynard O. Comecilla <p>This study aimed to determine the level of implementation of safekeeping practices in the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology in Ipil District Jail and Ipil Women’s Dormitory Jail of Zamboanga Sibugay during calendar year 2018-2019. This study made use of non-experimental quantitative research design utilizing descriptive, frequency count, percentage and mean. It also utilized modified questionnaire in gathering the result. There were 127 inmates and 50 Bureau of Jail Management and Penology personnel utilized as respondents of the study. The main statistical tools used were frequency count, percentage, mean computation, t-test, analysis of variance and Pearson r Product Moment Coefficient of Correlation. The study revealed that there were more male inmates as compared to the females. Majority of the index crimes committed by the inmates were murder while on the non-index crimes, majority were charged against possession of illegal drugs. The security practices were always implemented by the two Jail under study which included the following: Commitment Order and Segregation of Prisoners or Detainees, Reception Procedures, and Disciplinary Boards and Punishable Acts of Inmates, Treatment of Inmates with Special Needs, Custody, Security and Control Emergency Plans, Movement and Transfer of Prisoners and Detainees, Rights, Privileges and Miscellaneous Provisions, and Inmates Welfare and Development Functions. There was no significant difference between the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology and inmate’s ratings on the implementation of commitment order and segregation of inmates or detainees. However, there was a significant difference between the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology and inmates’ rating on the rest of the safekeeping practices. Indeed, there was a significant relationship between the safekeeping practices and the level of Implementation of these practices. The researcher recommends that the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology implementation of safekeeping practices be continued and sustained.</p> 2022-06-13T13:37:44+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Rowell Pallega SHS Students’ Engagement in Online Synchronous Collaborative Learning Activities: Correlations with Self-efficacy, Peer Social Support, Well-being and Academic Performance 2022-06-26T01:38:15+00:00 Trisha Mae M. Afable Jilian Casandra D. Lamberto Trixia Anne Nicole P. Ng Ashley Nicole S. Umandap Myla M. Arcinas <p>The pandemic of COVID-19 prompted several paradigm shifts throughout society, including in education. This study aimed to examine the relationships of students' engagement in online synchronous collaborative learning activities (OSCLA) with their self-efficacy (LSE), peer social support (LPSS), state of well-being (SWB), and level of academic performance (LAP). A total of 176 Filipino Grade 12 SHS students, 18 years old and older, from a private educational institution were purposively selected for this study. Data were generated using an online survey. Results show that collaborative learning activities are frequently conducted (median = 4) in their synchronous online classes. It also revealed that their LSE is high (median = 4), their LPSS is high (median = 4), their LE is moderate (median = 3), their SWB is high (median = 4), and their LAP is high (median = 94.85). The results showed a statistically significant correlation of their LSE (r = 0.69, p 0.001) and LPSS with their OSCLA LE (r = 0.438, p 0.001). A statistically significant positive moderate correlation between LE and SWB (r = 0.536, p 0.001) was also found, however, no correlation was found between their OSCLA LE and LAP (r = 0.065, p = 0.393). Thus, the use of a well-designed OSCLA is strongly recommended as it positively impacts students' SWB but should be regularly reviewed for its effectiveness in sustaining improvement in the LAP of the students.</p> 2022-06-13T14:31:11+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Myla M. Arcinas Pedagogical Competence of Science Pre-Service Teachers: Baseline for Training Program 2022-06-26T01:38:12+00:00 Glenn Joseph O. Obispo <p>This descriptive survey aimed to explore the pedagogical competence of science pre-service teachers (PSTs). The study involved 35 PSTs in a state university in Central Luzon, Philippines. In accordance to the National Competency-Based Teachers Standard (NCBTS) domains, science PSTs were assessed using an adapted NCBTS survey questionnaire to find out the pedagogical areas they do best and the areas that they have to develop. Results revealed that a typical science PST is a female, aged 21 years old and below from college. The study concluded that the pedagogical competence of Science pre-service teachers is moderately evident in terms of social regard for learning, learning environment, diversity of learners, curriculum, community linkages and personal growth and professional development domain. The findings on this study served as basis in constructing a training program for science PSTs which could enhance their pedagogical competence as they embrace the actual workplace after graduation.</p> 2022-06-20T01:37:21+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 GLENN JOSEPH O. OBISPO Issues impacting Sales Promotion in International Marketing 2022-06-26T01:38:08+00:00 Smita Jadhav Atul Kumar Vinaydeep Brar <p>Sales promotion in international marketing is somewhat different from domestic markets for a few reasons. Adequate information may not be available with the exporter to make sales promotion decisions. At the same time, customers from the foreign markets may not know the exporter and his products well. Further, the exporter might face resource constraints while executing sales promotion plans in the international markets. Thus, sales promotion in global marketing is a different ball game and requires an understanding of issues that impact the sales promotion plans in the international markets. In this paper, we enlist some such areas which need to be considered by exporters while working out their sales promotion strategies for the export markets. This has been done by way of a survey of 120 exporters. Ten critical factors have been identified that have a bearing on the sales promotion efforts of international marketing.</p> 2022-06-20T22:24:25+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Atul Kumar Motivating and Critical Success Factors in the ISO 9001:2015 Implementa-tion of the Provincial Government of Bulacan 2022-06-26T01:38:04+00:00 Cecille de Guzman Santos <p>Quality is an essential performance measure in both the private and public sector. The adoption of a Quality Management System (QMS)/ISO 9001:2015 standard is a strategic decision that can help improve an organization’s overall performance. This study aimed to assess the ISO 9001:2015 implementation of the Provincial Government of Bulacan in terms of the selected critical success factors and workforce level of motivation and be able to provide recommendations for improvement. This study used the quantitative, non-experimental, descriptive research design, employing survey and correlational approaches. A qualitative approach through qualitative interview was also utilized to capture the implementation strategies. The overall analysis revealed that 8 motivating factors obtained a low level of relationship with all of the selected critical success factors while the 9<sup>th</sup> motivating factor, Recognition and Feedback Received obtained a high level of relationship with 7 critical success factors indicating that Recognition and Feedback Received can affect the implementation of QMS tasks in terms of the critical success factors. Findings also showed that there is an opportunity in trainings. Leaders can identify training needs to support a more effective QMS implementation. Furthermore, the Provincial Government of Bulacan can revisit and strengthen the performance evaluation process as this can help meet the upper-level self-actualization needs of employees. A quality program with the suggested action plan has also been recommended towards overall performance improvement.</p> 2022-06-23T22:58:01+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Cecille Santos