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Parenthood entails daunting responsibilities, even more so if parents are of a different gender spectrum such as trans women. Against a rigid heteronormative society, this phenomenological study explored the challenges and the struggles, as well as the coping mechanisms, of the trans-women parents in Metro Cebu, Philippines. Through Husserlian’s descriptive phenomenology, five participants were chosen through snowball sampling to share their experiences through in-depth interviews in 2023. Utilizing Colaizzi’s method of data analysis, the study revealed seven (7) recurring themes: (1) Financial Instability; (2) Societal Acceptance; (3) Shifting Family Dynamics; (4) Lack of Legal Government Protection; (5) Employment Possibilities; (6) Perseverance; and (7) Communication. These findings provided insights into the lives of trans-women parents in the Philippines and offered recommendations for policies that could help address the issues faced by this sub-group of parents. Moreover, this study served as a contribution to the literature on non-heteronormative families through the lived experiences of trans-women parents in a heteronormative society like the Philippines.

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Flordeliza Gagani, University of San Carlos

FLORDELIZA SOROÑO-GAGANI, LPT, M.A., Ph.D. RE (c) is a Senior Instructor 4 and a faculty of the University of San Carlos, Basic Education Department, Senior High South School, teaching General Mathematics, Statistics, and Research to Humanities and Social Sciences (HumSS) and Arts and Design (A & D) students. She is presently a candidate for the degree - Doctor of Philosophy in Education major in Research and Evaluation (Ph.D. – RE) at Cebu Normal University. She attends and presents papers at local, national, and international conferences; has published research papers in international peer-refereed journals; has received research citations from Google Scholar and ResearchGate; is also included in the World Scientist and University of San Carlos ranking 2023 from AD Scientific Index 2023. She reviews research articles for International Journal Publications, and coach student presenters at local, regional, and international Research Conferences. She has served as the Private Education Assistance Committee (PEAC) National Trainer since 2015; and conducts national training for Junior and Senior High Mathematics Teachers in the region. She also authored a General Mathematics book for Senior High School. Presently, she is the HumSS, AD, and ABM Research Coordinator. 

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