Published: 2023-10-23

The COVID-19 Anxiety, Depression and Stress Levels of AIMS Students and their Impact on Well-Being: Inputs for Mental Resiliency Program

3481-3488 Patricia Jasmin, Marianne Garibay, Marjorie C. Adesna, Diane M. Makilang, Jo Anne E. Pangilinan

Teaching Style and Performance of The Faculty of a Technical School in Cebu City

3499-3506 Lalaine O. Narsico, Peter G. Narsico, Mark Anthony N. Polinar

Assessing Environmental Law Awareness Among Bachelor of Elementary Education Students: A Study on Knowledge and Attitudes

3507-3515 Roger Y. Ibañez, Jr. , Jacob Frederick P. Velza, Demelyn S. Amit, Alvin M. Mahawan

Reading Comprehension Level and Academic Performance of College Students in Their Mathematics Course

3516-3520 Ruby T. Galang, Jocelyn Y. Arrozal, Angelo Regala, Anne Canlyn Manlutac

The Relationship and Influence Between 4p’s Subsidy and Financial Literacy Through Universal Basic Income Among the Beneficiaries of Selected Barangays in Iligan City

3647-3652 Angelica T. Eleoran, Marchie C. Castillon, Razel Mae D. Manlosa, Dianne Therese Marie C. Bahala, Michael Jere’ D. Abiol

Check Out or Call Out: Attitude-Driven Boycott Intention in The Fashion Industry

3653-3673 Maricel S. Balatbat, Andrea Jean C. Ang, Kharylle Camilla O. Castillo, John Emmanuel R. Nañoz, Angelique C. Blasa-Cheng, Raymond Allan G. Vergara, Kimberly Christie S. Vergara

TikTokers Turned Influencers: iGeneration’s Perceptions toward their 'Preferred' TikTok Influencers to Follow

3674-3696 Maricel S. Balatbat, Miguel Angelo C. Cabungcal, Mica Beatrize C. Centeno, Jose Rapahel G. Fabrigar, Alejandra Beatrize M. Garfin, Angelique C. Blasa-Cheng, Raymond Allan G. Vergara, Kimberly Christie S. Vergara

Perceived Credit Risk of Micro Finance Loans among Micro-enterprises Business in Población Iligan City

3697-3702 Windy M. Juventud, Elery Ann O. Matigas, Jenny Himongala, Malou R. Galla, Michael Jere’ D. Abiol

Exploring The Function and Philosophy of The Mbaru Gendang: The Cultural House of Manggarai, Flores, NTT

3710-3724 Afrianus Ampur, Hendrikus Maku, Ambros Leonangung Edu, Antonius Denny Firmanto, Yohanes De Brito Nanto

Assessing the Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviour in E-Commerce Platforms

3725-3735 Sean Calvin Shin Ching Yong, Rui Tian Huan, Wen Sern Poh, Muzaini Osman, Dany Chi Wai Ng

A Comprehensive Bibliometric Analysis of School-Based Physical Activity Research

3736-3765 Kyla H. Dofredo, Jelene T. Pinlac, Kylah R. Pineda, Lovely L. Gatus, Norlito Nickson N. Briñas, John Paul P. Miranda, Julius Ceazar G. Tolentino

Mental Well-Being of AIMS Students During the Pre-Pandemic: A Case Study

3777-3786 Imelda Monsale, Marianne Garibay, Patricia Camille Jasmin

Measuring Recidivism Rate: Its Predictive Variables and Antecedents

3787-3799 Maria Diana B. Delfin, Wilfredo D. Dalugdog, Alrien F. Dausan, Elizabeth S. Villa-Buena